Art - toid


I think all of us are collectors.  Some collect jokes, recipes, money, and junk.  That's me.  I collect junk and then I feel responsible to give that piece of junk meaning in life.  So that is what I did with my Altoid box.  But actually the idea started from a dream that someday I would be sitting on the banks of the Seine painting away while people threw coins into my recycled tin can.  Knowing how portable my travel gear would have to be,  I decided to contain all my painting supplies in an Altoid box.  So I chewed a lot of Eclipse gum, saved the empty plastic, saved glue stick covers, trimmed an eye dropper, resized a brush, and cut up a sponge. Squirt, squirt, squirt some watercolor into the little gum compartments and  whalla! .  My "Art-toid" was born.  Anybody want to go to Paris with me?