Doodle Power

When I was young I remember loving to draw but thought I wasn't a drawer because I had to look at my subject.  I couldn't just refer to that photo in my head because it was not there.  That didn't stop me from drawing my favorite  baseball  players looking at my crumpled up baseball cards and erasing more than drawing.  I loved mark making and discovered that others did also.  Many told me that they couldn't draw though.  Hmmm.  That sounded familiar. So now that I am a more seasoned mark maker I decided to validate and inspire the expression urges of people like myself with a book.  The book is "Doodle Power" and it is unlike the typical how-to drawing book, or the "prompt-style book", or "repeat this pattern type book."   My book includes techniques with emphasis on expression and originality.  It tries to tap the true artist within us all. I hope it dispels the myth that I lived with too long-that if you can't draw something real you are not artist material.  Oh so wrong.

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