Love's a Puzzle

What to do with a puzzle that has lost some of its pieces?  Now that's a puzzle.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 9.46.05 AM.png

It's kind of easy to use the word "puzzle"  to make a comment on some aspect of life, so why not use  puzzle pieces as a key visual element in an art work.   In this art work I glued  down several  puzzle pieces in the shape of a heart, layering them a bit to build up for a slight 3-d effect.  I filled the gaps by gluing tissue paper over the entire shape using gloss acrylic gel medium.  It's clear and sticky,  so it's my adhesive and also the method for creating transparent layers of color.  After the tissue paper dried I painted solid colors over the entire work.  To give this static design some interest I  dry brushed, blended dark to light, layered colors and outlined.  I like to add the element of meaning to my art to involve the viewer a bit more   Hopefully you are inspired to try this yourself and perhaps to unravel the "Puzzle" of Love."