Bot Convention

 I had an attack of "junk guilt" last fall.  My tubs of accumulated cast-off plexiglass, jewelry, computer scraps, knobs, game pieces, springs, radio tubes were weighing heavily on my anti-clutter/landfill mind.  How to justify such an absolute waste of space these items were taking in my crowded studio.  This became the foundation of my guilt.  I had scaled back significantly at one point by imbedding junk into modeling paste and calling it art.  After rave reviews on those heavyweights, I created a fish out of rescued garbage items and donated that to the Restore Habitat Art Show.  But now I needed a new idea: plexiglass. True Value, bless your heart, gave me your scraps thinking  "what a weirdo" and now that very plexiglass became the savior for these humble items.  I love plexiglass.  I have mastered it.  I can snap it, glue it, paint it.  Now it was elevated to be the backbone of my new creations-robots.   Hence, Guitar-Bot, Love-bot, Time-bot, Backpack-bot,  Music-bot and Etc.-bot were born.


Each had a theme and added ever so little meaning to life.  Before you know it, I had a growing family of bots  and a growing problem of what to do with them.  It was a mystery to me.  Then someone mentioned "how about displaying them at Mystery to Me?" (a bookstore on Monroe Street.) In December I brought them to this temporary home.  They were greeted  by passers-by as they looked out the window.  Some found new homes.  Some formed new relationships during the 3 months they graced the window sill.  Much thanks to Joanne Berg for hosting the convention at her store.  Now they need a new home and again it is a mystery to me.