A Discourse on Love

It's an ambitious endeavor to rally over 40 artists to present art works about the topic of love.  This is exactly what Mallory Shotwell has done and I am lucky to have found her "call for artist."  Her efforts involve community input through several workshops.  

The Discourse climaxed at Absolutely Art open house this June.  It was a great success. Now the show's theme was moved to the Bubbler -an idea generating room at the public library and to the Children's Museum downtown Madison. 

And now living the discourse continues.  Making art tends to be a self absorbed endeavor and much reflecting.  Reflecting means going deep  and then trying to make visible  and presentable and understandable.  It's hard and I rarely succeed.  Yet making art is not the same as living the experience.   Mallory is now trying to launch her next exhibition whose theme is "Courage."

Seems like a good follow-up.